Shahab Mokhtare, MD

Shahab Mokhtare, MD

Dr. Shahab Mokhtare, MD

Medical Director & Partner

After attaining a Bachelor of Science from the University of California Irvine, Dr. Shahab Mokhtare earned his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine, one of the largest medical educators in the world.

He went on to complete a family medicine practice at the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine, followed by training and certification in age management medicine via the goal leaders in the field, Cenegenics Medical Institute.

Early in his career, Dr. Mokhtare realized his passion for preventive medicine and patient care – seeing age management medicine as a perfect fit. He became a Cenegenics physician in 2010 and made physician partner at the Cenegenics Vegas center a year later.

Committed to walking the talk, Dr. Mokhtare is an avid Crossfit athlete who follows a Paleolithic nutritional diet. His goal is to guide patients to a new level of health and fitness, helping them stave off age-related disease.

“While attending the University of Nevada School of Medicine, I chose a rotation elective that trained me in age management medicine at Cenegenics. That changed everything for me. I joined Cenegenics immediately after completing are willing to work with you to achieve health goals – has been a rewarding experience. It’s exciting to witness the transformation patients undergo, getting fitter and, in some cases, no longer needing certain medications they’ve been on for 10 years, as their health improved.”

Currently, Dr. Mokhtare has expanded his focus into Geriatrics, Hospice, and Palliative Care. In 2013 he started Primary Medical Group, and with a team of Nurse Practitioners, he is helping provide homebound Geriatric patients with the medical attention they need. There is a growing number of patients who cannot make it to a doctor’s office for appointments. This service now can help those who desperately need it.